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Olympic Gold Medal in Shotgun Trap Shooting at 2012 London Games

World Championship Medal


Kynan Darius Chenai was born on 29th January 1991 at Hyderabad, AP, India. He is the scion of an old, prominent and reputed Parsi family of Hyderabad.

His parents are highly successful in their own chosen careers. His father Darius Chenai, apart from being a successful businessman is also the 2008 National Shooting Champion in "Shotgun Trap Shooting", despite taking up the sport seriously in his late thirties.His mother Dinaz is a well known and sought after "Event Stylist" in the southern part of the country and heads her own company called 3d which specializes in décor & design for events


Kynan, after his elementary education in Hyderabad, went to the prestigious Hebron School in Ooty TN, India (http://www.hebronooty.org) to pursue high school studies. He graduated IGSCE* ('O'-Levels) in 2008 with grades fluctuating between 'A' and 'B' and German as his elected foreign language.

Presently he is continuing his studies at Hebron for GCE* (A-Level) for the academic years 2008-09 and 2009-10, with English Literature, History and Business Studies as his elective subjects and Math as his general subject. He completed the first year of GCS ('AS'-Levels) in 2009 with 'A' grade in History and Business Studies and 'B' grade in English Literature. He is poised to graduate from Hebron with GCE ('A' Levels) in 2010


At Heborn he also built his reputation as a keen sportsman. He represented his school as a member of;

  • Senior Field Hockey Team which won the interschool championship in 2008 (Click here)

  • Football (Soccer) Team which won the interschool championship in 2007

  • He was School Freestyle (Crawl) Swimming Champion in 2004, 06 & 09 in Senior and Super Senior Category.(Click here)

Shotgun Trap Shooting (National & International Level):

Took up the sport in 2003 and won the following competitive events in 2008.

  • Gold Medal at National Junior Men's Trap Shooting 50st National Shotgun Championships 2007, Ahmedabad, India

  • Gold Medal at Trap Shooting, Common Wealth Youth Games 2008, Pune, India

  • Gold Medal at National Junior Trap Shooting 51st National Shotgun Championships 2008, Jaipur, India

  • Silver Medal at Trap Shooting Asian Clay Championships 2008, Jaipur

Principal of Hebron School Ooty Mr. Alastair Reid has put a special page on the school website appreciating and congradulating Kynan's sporting achievement in Shotgun Trap Shooting.Click here to view the same.

Other Hobbies:

Kynan loves outdoor recreation and leisure activities like trekking, Camping and Fishing. He has travelled over 15 countries in Africa, Europe, America and SE Asia.

Pet Dogs:

Kynan loves to have dogs as pets and companions. The family has 3 dogs (2 Labradors and an Alsatian). These dogs have been with the family since they were puppies and Kynan contributed significantly in their training. He looks after their needs and loves spending time in their company.

*International General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
** General Certificate of Education (UK)

Kynan with his dad and pet

Kynan Chenai. Hyderabad, India